Saturday, July 27, 2013

Museum of Modern Art Medellin

The last museum I visited in Colombia was The Museum of Modern Art Medellin. The museum is housed in a large industrial style building and has two main wings.
The museum is full of photography and painting but very few sculptures. The only thing sculptural was an exhibit of ceramics by artist Alexandra Agadelo.
"Melgar" by Debora Arongo 1954

"Inocente" from a series by Ivan Hurtado
One of my favorite things in the museum was a series of photographs documenting a work by Ana Mendieta. It shows Mendieta igniting one of her earthworks traced with gunpowder. Ana Mendieta is one of my all time favorite artists. Her work was very ephemeral and almost always avoided the restrictions of normal venues. It was a pleasure to see the late artist's work represented at the museum.

Another treat was a drawing by Anibal Villejo "Is the Glass Half Empty or is it Half Full?"
This piece is one of the only works in the museum that displayed a sense of humor that I related to.
It is always nice to see someone taking a jab at an artist like Damien Hirst. I myself have yet to make the piece I have had in my head for years titled "The Impossibility of Scale in the Work of the Artist with No Budget"

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