Sunday, July 14, 2013

The First Multiple of The Thirteenth Grape series- an explanation.

The 1st multiple of The Thirteenth Grape subscription has been mailed out.
This piece was made in Medellin, Colombia with materials available to me at the work site
which I was consulting at and various other sources (found objects).
Titled- Ghost of a Guanabana, it is made from MDF, balsa wood, fabric and guanabana seeds.
The seeds are commonly used as stringed beads for necklaces and are poisonous. The seeds contain the neurotoxin annonacin. The Ghost of a Guanabana is fashioned after old school images of ectoplasms with the seeds placed like eyes. The fabric has also been treated with UV paint so if viewed under a UV lamp it will give off a glow.

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