Sunday, September 4, 2011


I have been living next to the largest orange in the world or "The World's Largest Orange" for the last few months and have been working on various parts of Legoland, a theme park to open in Winter Haven, Fl. this month. I feel it is important to introduce the "scenic" art side into this blog because it is the commercial art that has allowed me to survive through the last 17 years or so. I have worked on reproductions of Egyptian temples to scale in foam and stucco, faux finished towers 46 stories up on the Atlantis Casino in The Bahamas, worked on Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter, touched up experiential machines at the Scientology Flagship in Clearwater FL, sculpted, painted and cast stuff for more clients than i can mention here all over the world. This post is dedicated to some of the most recent projects i have been involved with working for Nassal Co. in Orlando Fl
Below are some of the parts of Legoland, Winter Haven's entry way and large fiberglass fish for Pixar.

These are the turrets for Legoland's entrance before they are skinned out and finished.
Huge fiberglass flags adorn the tops of the turrets in its complete state.

Metal armature for the Legoland entrance arch.

Progress on the Legoland pieces can be seen in the below images.

It is worth mentioning that the hotel that i stayed at on SR 192 is between the "Largest Orange in The World" and this gift shop shaped like a wizard.
Next are images of scenic treatments and sculptures for Universal Studios. The first image is a before and after of an outhouse that needed to be aged. Using paint treatments to achieve this look is one of the many things done in the scenic industry with regularity. So common. in fact, that it becomes second nature to execute this kind of work.

Here is a sculpture of a comical swamp beast. Sculpted from urethane foam and prepped to be molded and cast with plumbing included- the head is meant to spit water on people.
More scenic adventures both past and present will be posted as part of the Cryptovisual Blog in the future.