Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 27th 2012 and Final Night- Things Not Seen Before 2/4/2012

January 27th 2012- Outer wall of adjacent building to Tempus Projects acts as a screen for the projection of a live feed on the inside of the gallery space. This projection was a part of the 16mm film performance by Robbie Land( and caught here in the live feed curator Jade Dellinger speaks to artist Christian Marclay as he takes him through the exhibition. Robbie Land's set up can be seen in the upper left of the projection.

Artist/DJ Brian Taylor with Emil Schult and Christian Marclay during the January 27th event.( Image used with the permission of Ann-Eliza Musoke Taylor). Brian Taylor AKA DJ Brian Oblivion also added his signature to the Jan 27th evening with video and good old Disc Jockeying.

On February 4th 2012 the closing for Things Not Seen Before was presented to the public. From 7PM to 9PM performers executed interpretive compositions that focused on the exhibition. This project called "Wall Music" was a collaboration between Tempus Projects and the University of South Florida's School of Music Composition. It also featured a final composition by Ray Villadonga who is a Tampa based composer and the radio host of "Step Outside" (a WMNF weekly broadcast focused on experimental music).

The pieces created by students of music composition began promptly at 7pm with works broadly designed in instrumentation and approach. Some of the music was created with the combination of classical instruments and recorded sounds, some seemed more controlled and some quite cryptic ( like when four people stood in a tight ring with cell phone messages played audibly between each other)
Composers Susanna Hancock, Jeff Jackson, Evan Loyd, Scott Moore, Nate Corder, Armando Ayala, Pat Duke, Ekaterina Capatides/Vincent Euliano/Clayton Prather, Aaron Hutcheson, Marissa DiPronio and Aaron Lepley were the creators of the sound environment that a spectator found themselves in during the first hour and forty minutes of the evening.
Then came the final composition by Ray "rayzilla" Villadonga. This work included some of the most experimental and respected composers/musicians in the Tampa Bay area. Ray enlisted the cooperation of Tampa based composer Robert C. Constable Jr., Tampa based composer Paul Reller, musician James L. Hall, and musician LaRue Nichelson.
Robert C. Constable Jr. Conducts the composition "4X1 for Cage(A Quartet in Homage to John Cage)" with precision and grace!
Paul Reller performs with iPad and some vocals.

James L. Hall on bass trombone
Composer of "4X1 for Cage" Ray Villadonga on electric bass guitar. LaRue Nichelson also contributed electric guitar and some recorded sound.