Tuesday, July 2, 2013

3 weeks in Medellin so far

It has been twenty days since I arrived in Medellin Colombia and I figure it is time for a review of what I have seen and done here. First let me describe Medellin from my vantage. Winding roads impossibly folding onto themselves like a smooth noodle map leading down into a cool dark upside down question mark. An obscene frenzy of birdcalls at dawn, blue finches and parrots swarm the six story high bamboo lazy to wake in the valley mists of morning (June 12th). Squirrel crossing signs, newspaper sales girls on the corners, El Tesoro- a mall with an amusement park connected to it like a remora fish attached to a shark, as if a Cicagoan breathed infection into a courtyard three stories deep and out grew an elaborate boil in the shape of a ferris wheel- but still I have seen no squirrels here.
The flash of lightning every night sometimes accompanied by a loud sharp boom sometimes by silence.
Horses blocking street traffic gently nibbling on mountainside grasses.
Fire lanterns floating silently past condominiums into the sky to finally mock the stars with quiet laughter and a whispered threat to the world below.
Can't get Death Grips out of my head "I'm in your area.....I'm in your area"
Sin salt except for cured peppers. Picante vs caliente, pequeno vs poco..........................................

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