Friday, September 13, 2013

Solomon's Castle is no's plenty jokes.

Some months back Kym O'Donnell and I visited Solomon's Castle, a long contemplated quest to one of Florida's more strange and remote locations. The visit was not a disappointment!
Solomon's Castle is located in central Florida pretty far from civilization. It is located at 4533 Solomon Road, Ona, Florida 33865.
The castle is also Solomon's family home and the grounds are filled with his eccentric sculptures made from recycled material and found objects. I was lucky enough to meet the artist and he took Kym O'Donnell and myself to his workshop. Solomon's workshop is very impressive ( wood working tools, welders, almost every tool to create you can think of)! And we spent a good deal of time taking it all in as Solomon busied himself with clear coating a few small works with a spray can. One gets the feeling that this man never stops working. Another notable part of this artist is that all his works are built on puns or jokes. As he showed us through his finished works and works in progress an endless flow of corny jokes stood in for description.
Solomon's Castle with "The Horse of a Different Color" in the foreground. Photo by Kym O'Donnell

My favorite moment came when, entering a newly constructed building Solomon called "The Alamo" which is not open to the general public, Solomon described the purpose of two wooden seats positioned at either side of a hallway perpendicular to the entrance to the main room. Solomon described the two wooden chairs as the final resting place for he and his wife who were to be taxidermed, sat across from each other and engaged in a staring contest for visitors to witness.
This made me think of The Art Guys project "Forever Yours" immediately. With all the jokes and puns to boot! So, if you are into warped humor, recycled materials and long drives in the wilds of Florida, Solomon's Castle is for you.

All Photos by Kym O'Donnell

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  1. This has been on my list of day trips for years! Sounds like a it was a fun visit - I can almost hear your and Kym's laughter!


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