Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adventures in Long Island City 2nd - 6th Days

Tuesday April 12th 2011
Traveled from Manhattan to LIC. We started at the studio which hosted Keith Edmier's fabrication of the sculpture to be completed during my stay. I will go into greater detail about the sculpture and the host studio once the piece is installed in Sweden. For now I want to describe the events surrounding the work I did there. We worked through the day on the sculpture and then went back to Manhattan. I got to see Keith Edmier's studio on the way to our spot to crash for the night. Keith Edmier's studio is a strata of reference materials, sculpture, mold making/casting materials and samples. It was super to see the layout of such a great artist's work place. One thing that i thought was cool is that Dick Smith's "Monster Make-Up" kit was prominently displayed in Keith's studio. This kit was one of my prize possessions when i was a kid.

We then went to a mexican restaurant where I had a pumpkin flower quesadilla and then to the place to flop.
The place I stayed this second night is worthy of mention. I stayed at the flat of Frank Veteran, who is the physician that was in charge of attempting to resuscitating John Lennon at Roosevelt Hospital after he was shot by Mark Chapman. Frank Veteran is also the subject of several works by Keith Edmier -

Wed April 13th 2011

Close to the studio and around the hotel in LIC i noticed a proliferation of eyeball stickers. These "google eyes" i found out belong to an art project called The Googly Eye Cru. These guys just put these eye stickers on anything that will look like a face with the addition of the sticker.
Contact with this group is pending. I think it is time for The Googly Eye Crew to make there presence known in Tampa and Orlando.

I also met the gentleman that built the boat above. Reid Stowe who is known to hold the record for the longest ocean journey without touching land. He lives on his boat docked on the east river with his son. Very interesting man- his boat is also decorated by some really great wooden carvings.

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