Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adventures in Long Island City 1st Day

Recently, I was able to spend ten days in Manhattan and Long Island City working on a sculptural project for artist Keith Edmier. The week was filled with interesting people and art ( a common experience in this city) but this trip was exceptional in all ways.

The first stop was at The Grand Central Oyster Bar which even though I have been through Grand Central many times had no idea existed. The place is absolutely beautiful with vaulted arches throughout. It also has one of the most extensive raw bars that I have ever seen. Check out this menu-
I have never seen such a variety of fresh oysters to pick from. In Florida you usually get one choice- just raw oysters from who knows where.

My next stop was at Ye Old Carlton Arms Hotel. This place is one of the funkiest spots I have ever spent the night. Every room is filled with mural work. My room was on the 4th floor which has a hallway themed in an egyptian motif. The room I stayed in(8D) was decorated with a mural of an Italian town(done by artist Colette Jennings) with silhouettes in the small windows. One of them seemed to be depicting someone murdering another person by choking them down. The owner of the place told me that the artist known as Banksy spent a lot of time there and even did a mural in one of the rooms(room 5B). Also all over the hotel are painted works by Richard Hambleton.

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