Saturday, April 5, 2014

#5 of The Thirteenth Grape subscription- An explanation.

The 5th multiple in The Thirteenth Grape subscription is complete and on the way via U.S. Postal Sevice. "The Occultation of Regulus by Erigone" is the title of this multiple and is in fact 13 pieces of a total work. Here is the process and some aspects of the meaning attached to the work.
An upright pentagram gave the segments their shape. The upright pentagram is a positive symbol associated with the triumph of mankind over the material world. The pentagram was mapped out on a golden rubber serving matt and each segment was giving its "number".

After spraying the masked out matt figures cut out from the catalog of the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art were placed in the 13 spaces. These figures represent both the recipient of The 13th Grape and the star Regulus.

13 firecrackers were then woven together and small plastic bags filled with acrylic inks of different color were taped tot he cluster of explosives.

 The figures and the background design were spattered by the explosions acting as the occultation of the figures/Regulus by the asteroid Erigone 163. This coincided with the actual occultation in the heavens on March 20th of the same objects.
 Unmasked the figures were then adhered down and the segments cut and mounted.
The brass clip that holds the piece to the chip board also acts as Erigone moving towards or away from the figure.
As for the meaning - this work is more of a place holder and celebration of a rare celestial event. A happy new year wish come to the subscribers quite late. There is also deeper reasons for the choice of magnifying this event and those are found in the mythology surrounding Erigone.

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