Thursday, December 5, 2013

The 4th "13th Grape" Multiple- Description

The 4th of the "13th Grape" subscription is the simplest but perhaps the most poetic object yet. I was very keen on sending one from our Paris trip but did not want to make up my mind what shape it would take until there. After viewing the Eiffel Tower, because of it's proximity to another site we were visiting, I noticed the names on the tower (some of which I recognized as scientists). One name that I was familiar with jumped out at me- Lavoiser. Antoine Lavoiser was executed by guillotine  during the Reign of Terror partly because of his bad relationship with Marat and also because he was a tax collector at one point in his lifetime. According to my research, of the 72 names of scientists, engineers and inventors on the tower, only Lavoiser lost his head to the guillotine. So, the object was born, a post card of the Eiffel Tower in black and white with the city partially whited out. Added to this 12 purple marks made with wine corks along the tower's image with a final 13th separated in honor of the great scientist Antoine Lavoiser.

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