Thursday, December 5, 2013

The 3rd "13th Grape" Multiple- Description and Use

The 3rd multiple in the "13th Grape" subscription was created mostly during an extended stay in Madison Wisconsin. The iconography is therefore quite heavy on emphasizing migratory patterns and flight patterns of Canadian Geese. It also shows the "migration" of wealth from the higher classes to the lower in the image of the sale of grapes from "the King's Vine" in France. The annual sale allows commoners to buy grapes from the century old vines at the park of the Chateau of Fountainebleau.

How to use this piece- With your most trusted partner/friend/relative take hold of two sides of the piece ( preferable at the upper middle of the piece between the two geese ) Both of you conjure up a wish in your mind- do not verbalize this wish! Now tear the piece apart forcefully. Which ever of the two holds the wishbone image or the majority of the wishbone image has their wish focused on. Repair the piece with clear tape, display (on refrigerator, shelf or somewhere very visible) and both parties set about making the wish come to manifest as reality.

3rd 13th Grape before activated.

3rd 13th Grape after activation with tear repaired on left of piece.

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