Tuesday, May 14, 2013

South most FLA 3- The Perky Bat Tower

The Perky Bat Tower of Sugarloaf Key.
As mentioned in the "Cryptoblog" entry titled "Spring Mix and a brief history of bats and hotels" the bat tower located on Sugarloaf Key was a coveted location to visit and investigate. Well, here it is! These photos show some of the structural details of the tower.

Upwards view from the base shows the chambers for the bats. Thousands of bats (colonies) could have lived in this thing. So why did they never move in? My guess is that there is no near fresh water source. Bats drink in flight so they would have to fly 80 miles to get fresh water.

The good thing about the tower is that somebody is using it as home. An osprey nest sits on top- the perfect roost. We could hear the sounds of the young osprey as well in the nest.

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