Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sketch for 10' Dreamachine

Clearing the studio out at the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend I came across this drawing on a piece of mdf . The drawing is a sketch for the large dreamachine built for "Refractory" and is drawn on a piece of mdf used to construct the large foam cutting lathe for the Dali Museum's groundbreaking project ( a giant egg that a Dali impersonator emerged from during the groundbreaking ceremony).
There are a lot of memories compressed into this drawing and surface destined for the dumpster!

Below are some images of the fruits of the sketch above and the lathe that it was drawn upon. The egg was cut with the help of the lathe and the dreamachine was the subject of the sketch,
The Dali Museum egg at the groundbreaking ceremony being opened by two St. Petersburg mayors.
And presto chango out pops Salvador Dali.

The event originally was to have specially cast shovels made of resin with butterflies trapped in the head of the shovel.
Here is my concept drawing for the shovels.

The extreme dreamachine, most likely the largest dreamachine ever fabricated. This dreamachine, over 10' tall, had light ports shaped like moths rotating around the light. The piece was titled "How did you come to this?"

Another view of "How did you come to this" at the Refractory event in Tampa, Fl

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