Sunday, May 1, 2011

Days 8,9 and 10 Long Island City

Monday April 18th 2011

Worked on the most sensitive part of the fabrication work. This days work paved the way for how the next two days would pan out. Thankfully the processes that Keith had come up with worked very well and relieved the tension that always surrounds experimentation.

Tuesday April 19th 2011

Another successful day of fabrication. So much so that we got out of work a bit early to give the material time to cure. We took this opportunity to visit Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City. Unfortunately the sculpture park was between shows so there was only a glimpse of what had bee there for the last season. There were a few John Ahearn works at the entrance to welcome us.

Then there was an interesting group of sculptures that took up a good amount of space on the grounds. Concrete cast sand/snow angels. I could not find a marker but found out they are a project by Dan Steinhilber called "Cast Angels"

The rest of the park was marked off for placement of the next group of sculptures

The Last Day

We completed our phase of the fabrication alongside the east river working until we ran out of light. Here is the view from Long Island City of Manhattan at the end of the day.

After work we were joined by artists Steve DiBenetto and Michelle Segre and Steve was kind enough to invite us to his studio to chat. So Keith, Steve, Eddie, Michelle and myself walked about a block and sat in the studio talking for a few hours. It was a great way to end the trip.
Again, when the project is installed in its new home in Sweden there will be another post displaying the actual fabrication of the work which i was there to assist with.

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