Sunday, March 20, 2011

Orcas at dawn.

Recently i have been working with Nassal Co. in Orlando on scenic environments for Sea World
Orlando, San Diego CA and San Antonio TX. Here are some images of the "Stainless Wave" that will be the new backdrop to the Orca shows at Sea World Orlando and some new friends i met there while doing touch up.
The female whales and the young whales are kept together in a complex of tanks and get moved
from tank to tank often. Watching them while working i got the impression that they really
look forward to the "changing of the tank" routine. They crowd at the entry gate when they know it is time. I have to say that the situation isn't as dismal as i had thought in terms of play space. But it is still not the ocean. In the back of all this, further from the show tank is a large tank where Tilly is kept. He makes his presence known now and then by jumping and causing huge waves to ripple through all the tanks- all the way to the show tank out front. He is kept next to where they are demolishing and updating the tank that he killed Dawn Brancheau in.
More later on this.

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