Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mercury Switch- The Artlab exhibition.

Here is a view of the Florida Gulf Coast University exhibition "Mercury Switch" which was on view in Febuary of this year.

Images and sculptures of anaerobic bacteria which contribute to elemental mercury being converted to Methyl-mercury.

Studies of human molars with central architectural elements from Jerome Bosch's trip tic " The Garden of Earthly Delights" in place of amalgam fillings.

Resource materials, samples, test casts and sketches developed for "Mercury Switch" along with older studies that relate to the project.

 Studies of vestibular apparatus of different organisms.
 "Coconut Jack" A work developed in the last days at the Vester Marine Research Field Station. The imagery is pulled directly from the path of a tiger shark tagged by the scientists at Vester (Darren Rumbold and Bob Wasno) to better understand mercury contamination in these predator species. The work is mixed media on plastic tarp.
Another view of the "Mirror Teeth" exterior sculptures.

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