Thursday, January 23, 2014

Paris- Holy Shrines and Flea Markets

The sacred and the profane. A good note to leave Paris on. We visited the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Metal which has the unchanged remains of Saint Catherine Laboure. Saint Catherine had several visions in which she was shown the "Miraculous Metal" a healing charm that reportedly protected people from the plague. And for the faithful they still sell the metal in their gift shop.

Saint Catherine Laboure's remains
We then visited the chapel of Saint Vincent De Paul and viewed his unchanged remains.
The chapel itself is beautiful and the glass coffin where Saint Vincent De Paul rests is opulent.

The remains of Saint Vincent De Paul on display.
The last site that I will post on is the Les Puces - or Flea Market in english. This place was an amazing combination of very high end antiques and sleazy little stands selling junk. I will describe with images.

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