Sunday, November 11, 2012

October 2012- THEEND unfinished and other stuff.

Things Not Seen Before- A Tribute to John Cage exhibited at Edison College through October 13th. Below is an image taken by Tony Palms of his work ( to the left ) and my drawing.
The Fungus Garden of Every Possibility on the right. Works by Tony Palms to the left. Photograph courtesy of Tony Palms

Concept drawing for "Page 136" proposal for "The End"

Concept drawing for "Page 136" resin cast with detritus suspended within.
During the month of October I developed a proposal for a project to be exhibited at Art Basel called "The End". This project is sponsored by the Miami-Dade Public Library, Celeste Network and curated by Gean Moreno. I did not complete the work on my proposal in time for the deadline but am very interested in creating this work anyway.
The piece generated for the proposal is called "Page 136" and is based on a paragraph I would often read over while growing up. The paragraph describes the end of the universe-

"For a long time, an almost interminable time, the fading galaxy will give out a little heat as its white dwarfs shine away their lives and become black dwarfs, unable to find further energy with which to light up their corners of the cosmos. Together with their equally invisible companions, they will rest in space forever- unless, or until, they are swept into the greatest black hole of all, one created by the collapse of the universe itself"
From The Universe, David Bergamini and the editors of TIME-LIFE BOOKS

"Page 136" would be a sculptural work that would appear as a pedestal with a gridded top leading to a central hole. A camera mounted on the edge of the pedestal would be activated by an IR light barrier so that anything entering the hole will have a snap shot taken of it. The internal space of the pedestal would be a spherical mold. People would be encouraged to use the sculpture to throw away things that are useless to them. In the end the piece would generate a group of images of the items just as they enter the opening- frozen forever on the event horizon. At the end of the project's presentation waterclear resin would be poured into the mold producing a sphere of all the items trapped within it.

Maybe a project for the next doomsday.

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