Friday, December 9, 2011

Tonight! Xin Worm T-shirts customized at Tempus Projects

Tonight 12/9/2011 Xin Worm identity T-shirts will be customized for anyone who purchases one from Tempus Projects from 7pm -10pm. This event is rare and has only happened annually up to this point. T-shirts bear the Xin Worm Identity Logo and are customized with a group of Xin Worm symbols based on the individual's orientation in relation to the "art world". Xin Worm is a superimposed cultural construct ( like a cult ) which focuses on the social activities surrounding visual art events. Xin Worm also places the Xin Worm individual in a meditative position which requires the individual to understand themselves as a parasitic presence in a larger body. Xin has been described by one cultural luminary as "Like Zen only stupider".

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